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Christmas With A Batik Twist

Christmas With A Batik Twist

Christmas is a wonderful celebration of counting blessings and giving back to the people who have been there for you. Like any other celebrations, it will be packed with food preparation, decorating your house and not to mention battling with Christmas shopping in crowded towns. You will be so busy thinking about others that you often forget to look after yourselves, especially your outfit during Christmas! Worry not as we have the perfect garments for you that surely will scream Christmas only from Kapten Batik

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This celebration only comes once a year and of course, you have to put on something that will make you always picture-ready. Maharani Blossom  Shitaa and Maharani Blossom Thanda are the perfect outfit for you! This maxi airy dress can be worn just like that or you can put on some slacks too. Made with lightweight material, you can wear it all day and it also creates a statement with the colour and no matter what you are doing that day, whether you are helping your family at the kitchen or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, you will always be photo ready with this garment! Pair it with a pair of sparkly trail earrings and black pumps and you are ready!

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We love to think that Christmas is that one time of the year to ditch your typical plain colours and go for garments with playful embellishment to show your appreciation for Christmas. That’s why we suggest Maharaja Slim Fit Mancu. With a design that totally compliments Christmas, this lightweight shirt will be the talk of your family the whole day. This garment undergoes a process that will make the shirt shine, just like Christmas! Not just that, it is not too formal either. You can style it the way you want. You can put on a pair of khaki shorts or a pair of black slacks and you are ready to serve Christmas!

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Another shirt that is suitable is Nusantara Short Sleeve Floral Flake. The pattern of the batik shirt looks like snowflakes falling which describe Christmas perfectly! Besides, what is better than a lightweight shirt hugging your body while you are sipping the handmade eggnog. To make things a little special, all of our shirts are sketched and drawn exclusively by our in-house designers. This short sleeve garment comes with a button down collar. You can either leave one or two studs depending on the occasion.

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Snowflake represents purity and it is one of the common symbols when it comes to the celebration of White Day. That’s why we want to implement the cute snow elements everywhere! Not only is it the best way to describe the jolly Christmas, it is also used as a symbol of love to some people. Pair it with a children's garment, totally adorbs! Nusantara JR Floral Flake and Maharaja Junior Shitaa are the best recommendations. These shirts are made with high quality cotton to make sure they are breathable and the kids can wear it comfortably all day long. The design are made to not be too fitted so there is still space for the children to move around in. 

There is so much more to love and share during Christmas. We hope you will have a great time surrounded by your loved ones. Don’t forget to hang your socks, decorate the christmas tree and most importantly, don't forget to grab one of our garments only at Kapten BatikMay the spirit of Christmas fill your home full of precious memories with your beautiful family. 

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