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What you wear does not define you

What you wear does not define you

Every man deserves to feel young and modern despite their. Looking trendy and fashionable ain’t a crime. Infact, dressing up and feeling good in what they wear boosts the confidence of men. 

Kapten Batik has a collection of Modern Fit Series that can help every man out there look young and modern. An excellent piece from the series is the My Modern Fit Trible Face - Reverse Porpoise Grey that ranges from a small to 2XLarge. Regardless of your size, you are assured a piece here. This handmade batik garment is made from 100% Primissima 50s cotton with traditional hand stamping contemporary batik. The shirt also has a modern fit cut, but is designed to be not too fitted. Another piece you could look into for a much more casual wear is the My Modern Fit Morsel Ceramic - Yale Grey Blue. This handmade batik garment is made from 100% Primissima 50s cotton with traditional hand stamping contemporary batik.

However, if you would like to like hip then the PIMA Batik Tee could be something you check out. It is simple and casual for a day out. One of the unique pieces is the PIMA Batik Tee - Side Triangle. For a versatile daily wear, redefined batik spirit with locally made batik patches. The short sleeve crewneck t-shirt is a sumptuous standard for soft and durable fabric for everyday use, made from superior Pima cotton, a 100 percent extra long staple cotton. It saves more than 50% of water when grown using sustainable approaches. On the left shoulder is an exquisite black Kapten Batik logo embroidery.

All of this series of shirts perfectly matches the pants collection. If you are looking for long pants, then the Linen Long Pants in Greenish Grey is something you can go for. However, if you feel too hot in long pants, change to their short pants with Linen Short Pants in Silver Grey. The pants collection is timeless, versatile and is the perfect match for all Kapten Batik Series.

While searching for the ideal shirt and pants, do not forget to check out their Batik Face Mask to comply with the SOPs.

With that, if you wanna look and feel young, head here now as age is just a number and it does not define you.

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