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Kapten Batik Brings Everyone Together in 2021

Kapten Batik Brings Everyone Together in 2021

With the aspiration to fulfil the spirit of Hari Raya, Kapten Batik launched our new batik collection; Together 2021. Contemporary batik designs that produce modern look adornment is the essence of this collection to cater for the current generation. Together 2021 features our main series displaying bold and vibrant colours; the Masterpiece, Maharaja and Nusantara.


The Eid vibes are created elegantly through floral motifs and geometric designs combined with choices of colour palette that visually strike the element of excitement. 

This collection exclusively creates urban culture that combines both batik heritage with modern designs. Together 2021 was inspired by the spirit of Hari Raya where the union of families and friends are valued through joyful celebration and enhanced by colourful attire. May your Hari Raya 2021 bring togetherness through our Kapten Batik collection.  

Shop our Together 2021 collection for your raya treat here.

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