Something we can’t avoid but notice is how our workwear has changed tremendously over these two years. Now with more workplaces readily waiting to welcome their staff back to the office, let’s see how Kapten Batik can swing both style and comfort for your Back to Office choice of outfits! Here are the top picks from our Together 2021 collection:


Masterpiece series - Sunflower Maze in Cyber Yellow 

Brighten your Monday morning with our Sunflower Maze- Cyber Yellow that can easily be switched from a meeting look to a casual look with its button-down option.

Masterpiece series - Shuriken Star in Fire Orange

If you need to boost your vibe during midweek hustle and bustle, Shuriken Star-Fire Orange from the Masterpiece series is your best choice.

Maharaja series - MH Hasana

An important meeting needs a confident look. So what better way to wing it through your meetings but with a grandeur garment like our MH Hasana, one of our best picks from the Maharaja series. 

Maharaja series - MH Manorama

Dinner date after work? Get dressed to impress with the MH Manorama from our Maharaja series. A classy modern look would step your game for sure.

Nusantara series - Hibiscus Flower

End your week displaying your love for Batik along with the nation wearing our Hibiscus Flower from the Nusantara series.

January 08, 2024 — Haikal Aziz