An engagement ceremony is not complete without a photo of you and your fiance, right? Hence, it is also important for the future groom to look presentable during the engagement day! Some men prefer to wear an outfit that is semi-formal and simple, while some prefer to wear a traditional costume  such as Baju Melayu. But as we all know, Kapten Batik has various garments that can fit to any occasion including the engagement day!

Normally, people will choose soft/ pastel colours such as blue, champagne, soft pink, and mint green for the engagement to align with the sweet and love celebration. 

k0704 copy.jpg

If you are still looking for the right one, worry not! You can never go wrong with blue and Kapten Batik has various garments in blue colours that you can choose from to match with your fiance. One of the options is Maharaja Modern Fit Dipta, as it has a nice soft-blue with a hint of white—perfect for baby blue, and soft blue theme. Another option you can consider is My Diamond Radiant - Classic Blue if your engagement day’s theme is blue, champagne, and cream. This garment has classic and dark-blue colours with a hint of white that you can pair with white or nude jeans to match with your plus one! 

k0211 copy1.png

But if your plus one decides to have soft pink as your theme, we’ve got you covered! The Maharaja Slim Fit Sabdhani is a great pick for you! This garment has a very nice colour combination with a mixture of pink and soft purple that will not make you less masculine yet will still enhance your look! Do pair it with white jeans or black slacks to complete the look.

Don’t forget, it’s your day! You need to look dashing and capture your fiance and future in-laws’ attention! So, let’s grab one at Kapten Batik before it’s gone!

January 08, 2024 — Haikal Aziz