Even though you have been to a tropical holiday a few times, you still can't get that idea of what to wear since the trend is changing very fast. However, packing for a beach holiday is quite similar. It is always a mix of breathable materials, neutral basics, and lots of swimwear! During your island vacation, you will probably spend the most of your time outside in the sun or in the water, so, we have listed out clothing options that will suit you during your trip at Kapten Batik

Most tropical vacations will consist of outfits that are flowy or maxi dresses to create that dimensional look for your insta photo! Not only that, you can re-wear it by styling it differently. That way you can save more space in your luggage and worry less about your clothes! We recommend  Maharani Blossom Thanda. This airy maxi dress will give you a flattering fit and it comes with a collar and buttons too to create a more casual look. It is made from lightweight cotton and can be worn during warm days and nights. Put on your colourful flip flops and you’re done. Kapten Batik x Saarat Kaftan Set - Mancu is a two piece outfit. You can pair the top with a white skirt or the sarong with a tshirt and you are ready for a quick feet dip at the beach! 

July 03, 2023 — Clean Canvas