When it comes to selecting what colours go into your wardrobe, black and neutral shades like brown and grey are often the ones that  come to mind first. In fact, some of the most common colours that most of us would have when it comes to our everyday staples of shirts, pants and dresses would comprise of at least one of these three staples — but if you find these hues a little too basic for your liking, then we’ve got just the colour for you. When it comes to deciding what colour should be a must-have in every wardrobe, blue would definitely be our choice! 

Blue symbolises dependability, stability, and trust, but it can also represent consistency, authority, and strength. Plus, blue said to cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and based on studies, blue has even been shown to increase intelligence and boost creativity.

Blue is one of the most popular shirt colours for both men and women, especially when it comes to professional wear. The aura of reliability it gives off certainly contributes to its rating as one of the most attractive shirt colours for both men and women. But how do you stand out amongst the sea of blues? You go for a batik shirt in blue! At Kapten Batik, we have various garments in different shades of blue  that will blend well with different bottoms that you own. 

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Blue and white are some of the most attractive shirt colours for both genders, and their versatility makes them the top two dress shirt colours every man should own. So why not combine them both in one dashing batik dress shirt that will surely take you from boardroom to beach with ease? Our Maharaja Modern Fit Zubhri shirt comes in a nice pastel blue with just the right balance of white that can be paired with either black or white jeans. In fact, it can be worn for both formal and casual events as well. Simply pair them with a sleek pair of derby shoes or loafers and you are good to go! 


Blue is definitely a hue for the ladies too. But rather than relegating it to only your women’s formal shirts, why not incorporate this versatile colour into your casual wear too? Although women have no shortage of shirt colours that they can opt for, blue hues run the gamut from soft and gentle to richly regal, so you’ll definitely be enriching your wardrobe by adding a few shirts or dresses in this versatile colour to it. Blue certainly brings to mind cool bodies of water or a cloudless sky, so why not brighten up your next blue outfit day with our Maharani Long Kebaya in Kathora Print which comes in a warm blue hue? It is designed with a loose long kebaya silhouette and has a front V neckline as well as a small V cut back for more feminine touch. It is also designed with two side pockets which can fit your phone or small cash. 

The calming effects of the colour blue aren’t just great for adult clothing — kids can certainly benefit from having a splash of blue in their closet too! After all, we all know kids can be a rambunctious bunch, so why not incorporate some soothing blues into their outfits? If you’re looking to style your kids, Maharaja Junior Zukra really pairs well with shorts or jeans, making them look stylish and adorable. Made from 100% Cambric cotton, this garment will make the kids feel comfortable as the cotton has breathable properties and is perfect for dealing with Asia’s hot and humid weather. 

Blue might be the most common shirt colour of all, but considering its many lovely hues and the positive effects it has on human perception, it certainly deserves the right to be on rotation in your style arsenal. Whether you’re simply looking to add more colour to your wardrobe or just really love blue, why not check out our collection of stunning blue batik wear for both men and women? We also have a vibrant selection just for the kids, so come and shop at our website or drop by any of our nearest boutiques today!

November 28, 2023 — Haikal Aziz