With the fashion industry blooming faster yearly, what many are not aware of is how the industry is increasingly damaging the environment with fast fashion; being the second largest polluter globally after the oil industry. Additionally, what’s more worrisome is that the negative impact is not only towards the environment but also humans in terms of health and life quality. 


Kapten Batik having the interest to eventually grow more environmentally friendly with our products came with a theme to ensure that we too can contribute in reducing the quantity of waste through the production process; the Zero Waste Collection. It is part of the value we’d like to incorporate into creating a more sustainable fashion landscape.



Kapten Batik Zero Waste Collection is a by-product of an environmental conscious effort where excess fabrics are made into Kapten Batik Scrunchies, Twisted Batik Headband, Reusable Zero Waste Bag made of Batik of course and different series of Key Fobs. This collection is an approach from us to increase public’s awareness that sustainability is possible in the Fashion Industry and to emphasise that every piece matters and no leftovers are wasted when it comes to our production.

It’s the desire of Kapten Batik to also encourage consumers into adapting sustainability in their lives in embracing a healthier circular fashion. Support our measure for a #betterfashionfootprint !

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November 17, 2023 — Haikal Aziz