Contemporary fashion is all about reinventing designs to be modern, bold and turning traditional wear into new creations. Batik is a form of art and formal wear that has become a part of the world's heritage that we need to preserve. Reimagining and reviving batik into a contemporary look is a way to keep the legacy alive. As a brand that treasures the art itself, Kapten Batik has revived the traditional wear into modern batik shirts to cater for the growing demand of today's fashion trends that align with cultural interest.


Reviving the Traditional Batik

Combining the traditional art with modern elements, production techniques, and new materials has made the batik shirts design familiar to the generation of this era. This approach managed to fulfil the younger generations' need, assuring their everyday outfits into an elite modern look without the need to waste time and effort to dress exclusively. Reviving the designs of the past era with bold designs and Pantone colours in Kapten Batik collections makes heritage wear more accessible than ever and providing newness to the batik fashion industry itself. To explore more on their collections, you can click here.

Comfort Wear for Batik

In this modern age, professionals are often in search of office apparel that is not only comfortable but casual and smart without ditching their exclusive daily look. This factor has largely played a role in the improvisation of office dress codes which became relaxed and comfortable over years, leading fashion brands to expand a broader perspective on comfort premium wear. Kapten Batik incorporates the need for premium comfort wear in batik collections using airy and lightweight cotton materials. Their collections feature Pure LinenPrimissima Cotton, and Mercerized Cotton materials made to provide luxurious comfort to the wearer. In their latest series, Together 2021, 43% of batik shirts are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, in which all components of the shirt including thread, button and other accessories are tested harmless for human health. Not only do they provide you comfort, Kapten Batik also emphasises the safety of customers in their line production. To learn more about STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, you can visit here.

November 17, 2023 — Haikal Aziz